Friday, September 17, 2010

Passion of the Christ: Movie Review

 E!News has just hired you to be their latest online movie critic.  The first film, of what I’m sure will be your long and illustrious career, is The Passion of the Christ.  Since your role is that of a blogger they need you to create a short summary of the film as well and your critique of it.

You task is to create a short summary of the plot of Passion of the Christ and to review the film as if you were a movie critic.  Submit your review as a comment to this post.  Please be sure to include your first name and last initial.


  1. The Passion of The Christ is a movie based on the twelve last days of Jesus' life.
    This movie was funded by the producer's own money, which is quite impressive.

    Mainly, the movie is quite interesting, even if you might hate religions or aren't christians.
    the acting is quite well done and yo ucna see alot of the characters feeling , like sadness, pain, and insanity. There are soem characters that people might would had like to be a bit more developed, but still it quite well done.

    The effects and environments are great. The whole setting feelsl ike it happens in a desert, which it in fact does. It just looks like it was filmed at the placed the movie happens. The real life effects are great, which included the gore. Otherwise the CGI effects seem dated and from a mediocre 3-D movie.

    Overall, The Passion of the Christ is quite interesting, both in the way it was made and the way it is putted up as a movie. Even though it sounds liek only christians should see this, i'd say give it a shot even if you're not christian, just for the back story on how it was made , and the effects and moods.

    -This short review was purely based on my own opinions, and others' opinions will differ from mine-

  2. The Passion of the Christ is a film about the last 12 hours of Jesus life. It starts when Jesus is praying in the garden of Gethsemane, and continues on from his arrest to the meeting with Pilate. From there on out, the viewer witnesses the torture and death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

    In the film, the viewer witnesses the reactions of the crowd to Jesus' followers. The characters that most Christians recognize from this Biblical story remain the same, some played in ways most would not even imagine. Satan for example, is played by a woman with a mans voice overlayed. This image is suprising, as well as disturbing.

    With the way Gibson presented this Biblical story with such accruacy to the time period, gave the viewer an idea of what it would have been like to watch the event first hand. The violent graphics add to the reality of the story, making the film hard for many Christians to watch.

    Gibson overall put together a film that will have a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.

  3. The Passion of the Christ is a movie about the last twelve hours of Jesus' life. It starts off with Judas, one of Jesus' deciples betraying Jesus with a kiss to signify that he was the messiah everyone was talking about. Jesus is then taken to Pilate who will be determining what should happen to Jesus. The mob yells out several times that his punishment for his blasphemy should be crucifixion.

    The techniques that are used to punish Jesus are very violent and graphic. I think Mel Gibson did a very good job of portraying these techniques because it shows the reality of what he went through.

    When Jesus is nailed to the cross, you will see Gibson's hands putting a nail into Jesus' wrist as a symbol of his own sin.

    Mel Gibson did a fantastic job on the film, especially with the language used, the events, and the graphics. This movie has impacted so many Christians and non-christians. I would rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

  4. To start off, The Passion of the Christ is Mel Gibson's vision of what happened to Jesus Christ during his final hours. The movie starts off by building a surprisingly eerie atmosphere before taking a dive right into the main plot. The scene where Judas guides Jewish soldiers to where Jesus is praying is filmed so well that it draws the audience straight into the movie, setting off a good starting point for the rest of the tale.

    Throughout the movie certain points, most importantly the torture scene, show off the brutality of the time, almost holding your attention for the remainder of the film.

    Whoever was in charge of casting deserves a gold star. The acting portrayed was so believable you start to feel the way Mary feels by the end credits. You experience her loss and through Jesus you are able to witness the cruelty that the Jewish people direct toward him.

    Overall the movie is very moving and deserves all the praise it has gotten in the past. My only critique would be Mel might have overused the slow motion but that's just me.


  5. The movie starts out with Jesus scared and praying to God in the garden. While praying Satan tries to tempt Jesus saying He can't hold the sins of the world and when Jesus crushes Satan's snake, it symbolizes that Jesus will conquer Satan with His death. When Judas gives the location of Jesus to the Jewish Chief priests, they send the guards to arrest Jesus. Jesus is trialed by Pilate and ends up being tortured severly and crucified according to the crowd's demands. During the torturing there are flashbacks showing Jesus' teachings. After the crucifixion Jesus dies and finally enters His kingdom. They show a brief scene of His ressurection in the ending scene.

    In my oppinion the movie was hard to stomach because of the extremely brutal violence throughout most of the move. It was hard to focus on the plot because I couldn't handle Jesus being continuously tortured. His pain is overwhelming and seems never ending. Jesus' ressurection brings a sense of happiness and relief from teh suffering endured throughout the movie but the scene was too short for me because the suffering was depicted more than the glory and the teaching of Jesus. But overall I think Mel Gibson did a good job staying true to the biblical events that happened.

  6. The Passion of Christ is about the last 12 hours of Jesus's life. It starts out with him praying after the Last Supper, and he does not give into Satan's temptations. After being betrayed by Judas he is then taken back to the city where is then confronted and is sent to a sentence of death.

    After Jesus is brought infront of Pilate and they believe that they city is conflicted, Pilate makes the city choose between Jesus and Barabbas. They choose to free Barabbas & make Jesus be given the penalty of death.

    Pilate orders his men to do what the city wishes, & Jesus is made to carry a cross over his back to Golgotha. Throughout the movie you see flashbacks from his childhood & his teachings to others. Once he dies he enters his kingdom.

    I thought the movie was good, & it seemed very real. In a way it made you feel like you were actually seeing it all happen. The torture that Jesus went through was very harsh and quite hard to watch. I thought the acting was done great by everyone & the director Mel Gibson, did a good job, especially by funding it all himself. The movie itself and the meaning of it is very moving.

  7. The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson, is a very accurate movie which potrays the events which led up to the crucifixion of Jesus. This film follows a sequential order that occures over the last twelve hours of Jesus' life with a few flashbacks to provide more detail. The film is subtitled, as the actors speak completely in ancient language, which helps to varify this movie as an accurate peice.

    The Passion of the Chirst helps to give the audience a better understanding of the reasons behind Jesus' death, as well as the brutality that he faced because of it. Although some may veiw the violence in the movie disturbing,I feel as though it was necessary in order to most effectively demonstrate the pain Jesus endured before his death. I personally never understood the severity of Jesus' death before seeing this movie since most films try to tone down the violence. Because of this, I feel as though Mel Gibson's interpretation of this movie was the most real representation.

    I feel as though the movie was very well directed and acted. In addition, it was very informative and realistic, which caused the audience to have such a strong connection to the movie. With any movie, and especially one about the death of Jesus, this is the ultimate goal. Overall I feel as though Mel Gibson did an excellent job in potraying Jesus' final days and would reccomend this movie to anyone hoping to learn more about the beginnings of the Christian religion.

  8. Passion of the Christ is a movie about the last 12 days of Jesus' life. It all starts off with him praying, and you see one of his disciples betray him for money. Judas gets money for giving away information about Jesus and his whereabouts. Jesus is then taken back to the city in chained,"questioned", and then sentenced to death.

    They then brought Jesus in front of Pilate so he can be put to death but he doesn't want anything to do with that so he tried to get them to have someone else do it,but it doesn't work. He decides to let his men beat him brutally, nearly to death then he trys one last thing and he ends up saying you can free this man (being Jesus) or a man who murdered many and they all want to set free the murderer. So he let's him go and feels like he has no choice but to do what a lot of the public crucify him. He then ends up having to carry all the way to where he'd be crucified being tortured the whole way. Once he got there he was nailed to the cross and they all watched him go.

    Throughout the movie there were flash backs that gave you more information about his life and practices. I liked the movie, it was very very realistic and it really makes you think. Not only about religion but also about people and there character. I enjoyed the movie, even though it was quite gory at times, I thought it was a good film that many should watch.

  9. This movie was about the last 12 hours of Jesus's life. It showed him praying, having the last supper, and all the events leading up to and including his crucifiction.

    I thought that this movie was very good. Mel Gibson did a great job producing it and he payed for the whole thing his self. I thought that it was very historicly accurate and they even spoke in the language used at the time. It was gory in some parts but that was used to show you all the punishment that Jesus went through so i think that he was right in including it in the movie. It gave you a very good idea of everything Jesus went through and how painful it was.

    Even though the entire movie was based on religion, you could still learn and enjoy it even if you aren't a christian. It would give you a better understanding of what christians believe.

    Overall i think this was a very good movie and i think everyone who can handle the gore should see it.

  10. Beginning with the scene in the Garden leading all the way up to his crucifixion, The Passion of the Christ reenacts even the most gut wrenching moments Jesus endured as his last in life. Betrayed by Judas, Jesus was arrested and brought to Jerusalem where he was then accused of blasphemy. Brought before Pontius Pilate, the consensus reached was that Jesus was to be put in the hand of the Roman soldiers and brutally beaten. Let it be known however that Pontius did not want any harm to come to Jesus and tried to weasel his way out of it for he felt Jesus had not committed a crime. The crowd thought differently and wanted a punishment to be made. Beating him nearly to death was not enough; they would not stop until he was dead, until he was crucified.
    Over all the film was moving and brought about deep emotions. I, whom am not a strong believer in Christ, felt remorse for what he supposedly experienced. Even though the audience was forced to read subtitles for the language was not one commonly spoken, the impact the actions had on its audience was outstanding and unexpected. One aspect of the film that, in my opinion, took away from the emotion in the movie was Satin. Maybe it is a maturity factor, but I found myself either laughing or appalled at the hideous character of Satin. To me, it just didn’t belong and the movie would’ve kept its serious feel the entire time. With that aside, I was thoroughly impressed by Mel Gibson’s film and have to admit it was far better than I anticipated.

  11. The Movie was very calm and relaxing, with a few uprisings at the start, and it started to reveal some very deep clues on what is going to happen later. then once it picks up with him being captured the movie starts to bring out its agressive and blasphemic side of the people towards Jesus. then it keeps going on with his punishments and how he is the King of the Jews and nonsense people have made up from his "almighty" power. Then towards the end it goes into the silence seen where you see his last few minutes, and at the final end the last cry of Jesus, him destroying the temple. Overall the movie was a very good depiction of how that whole end of his life went down in my opinion. my anticipation rose constantly and the movie was much better than I expected.

  12. The Passion of the Christ is about the last 12 hours of Jesus' life. It starts with him praying in the garden, to Judas betraying him, being arrested, all the way to his crucifixion and rising again.

    I personally thought this movie was very good. The acting was good and it is accurate to what they were doing and the language they were speaking during this time.

    People hear about how awful Jesus' death was, but to actually see it was overwhelming. Seeing what actually happened to just hearing it is a dramatic difference. Even though all the violence shown in the movie, it's good that it is there so people actually understand what Jesus went through.

    Overall, I think The Passion of The Christ was a good movie.

  13. The passion of the Christ is basically about the last twelve hours of Jesus’ life. Its starts out with him and his disciples in the garden of olive and he goes there right after the last supper. At that time he knows that Judas had betrayed him. Jesus gets arrested and a bunch of leaders like pilot had to decide whether he would get condemned to death or if another man who committed murder would. The other mans name was Barabbas. You could see that Pilot had no reason to execute Jesus other than the fact that if he did not, he himself would suffer the consincuence. So the verdict in the end was that Jesus was to get executed, the rest of the movie was him struggling carrying the cross through Jerusalem.
    I was gone for the second day we watched this movie so, I am going off of what people have told me and what I saw the first day of the movie.

  14. This movie is about the last 12 hours, or so of Jesus' mortal life. He praying in the garden when he is arrested. After that, it goes between his last hours and flashbacks. If you don't have much information about the events in some those flashbacks, it can be a little hard to follow. I also thought that some of the scenes lost their religious significance to violence. Overall, I didn't like the way it was made, as realistic as it was supposed to be. It felt exaggerated and if there was any hint of Jesus' teachings of acceptance, they were completely lost.

  15. Passion of the Christ is a movie about the crucifiction of Jesus. They chose to go into the gruesome details of the event, from the beats to the carrying of the cross, to the crucifiction itself. While it seemed realistic and certainly pulled on the heart strings of meany, I'm doubtful as to whether it is truely are realistic representation of all the parties involved. Perhaps because the story was not told from one person's perspective, but of a third person, that that sense of fair represenation was lost. Over all, I'd say it was a semi-decent movie, though probably better to watch for the lesson on how much christ loves us, and not so much how badly everybody treated him.

  16. Passion of the Christ is a movie made of what Mel Gibson believes happened to him and his last 12 hours on earth. It was very hard to watch the beating of him. It was really realistic too. It was a good movie i thought. Over all it was very good put together. I think it shows very well how badly he got treated.

  17. The passon of the christ is a great learning experience and gives you great knowledge of the cruel and rude things people did to jesus. This movie is showing you the experience of his last experiences and how he was being treated and how he felt. It is a very hard movie to watch because of the cruel and brutal things they did to jesus. It's also sad to see the things they did to him and to know that someone would actually do that to another human being. I personally think it's a great movie and that everybody should watch it. It's a great learning experience and you can gain so much knowledge just from the movie.

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