Friday, November 11, 2011

Digital Story Ideas

 Click on the link below.  Create a "Post-it Note" on the website that summarizes which story you will be using in your Digital Story project.

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  1. Yertle the turtle was most certainly a mean turtle. All he did was make the lives of his fellow turtles a hurdle. 
    No one seemed to like yertle until the day he fell in the mud. It was quite a hilarious spud. 
    Mac had some very bad pain in his back. All thanks to yertle and his "yack yack" 
    So a decision had to be made. And the old government had to fade. 
    Yertle the turtle was in the muck while Mac was back picking up on track! 
    Mac beileived in a equal government like demacracy while yertle was to busy thinking about monarchy! 
    "please yertle understand what I'm thinking about" yelled mac. 
    "over my dead body" yelled yertle. 
    And that very day in that very bay...yertle the turtle was ran over by a huge hurdle of wurdle curdles passing through the pond.  
    "oh dear!"Said Mac.  
    Yertles body looked like gooey gack. 

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