Thursday, September 6, 2012

3c - What Is The Purpose of Government

How would you like to bury your own trash, provide your own water, or even defend your home from an invading army?  
The answer is that you probably wouldn’t.  
Governments around the world are set up with three basic purposes in mind, to provide services, keep order, and make laws.  Each of these broad categories are evident in your everyday life.  Think about for a minute how often you used clean water.  Most of the time that clean water is provided by the government and laws are made to make sure that it remains clean, and when a water main breaks and causes chaos, the government is there to restore order.  In just that one instance you can see how involved in your lives government can be.  Can you think of ways you are affected by the government right now?  
Click on the link below (Government Is Good Article) and read the following article about how government affects you just about every hour of the day.  When you have completed the reading answer the questions that follow using the link provided (Government is Good Questions).

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