Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kimberly Idol - Turn In

Turn in your project by creating a "Name/URL" comment to this post.  Place the first name of each member of your group in the "Name" line and then copy/past the URL of your video in the "URL" line.  Tell us the title of your song in the comment area and then click on "Publish".

Be sure to have a digital copy of your lyrics for the class to view.


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  2. Shay's Rebellion; Brenna, Alison, Elly.

    Here we are in Massachusetts
    In 1786/1787
    With Daniel Shay and his farmer friends
    Guess they were upset about mortgage foreclosures
    and tax delinquencies.
    Old Federalists, why are you so mean?
    Wanting a strong central government
    We just want our farms
    I hate to show up in Sheffield uninvited
    But we couldn't stay away, we had to fight it
    I had hoped you'd see our anger, and that you'd pass relief laws
    but you got a wealthy army.

    Never mind I'm war veteran
    You still won't help me
    I wish there was more hard currency
    But I can find none
    Don't forget me, I asked
    For your help but you said
    Sometimes life's hard, you're right but find a way to get ahead
    Yeah sometimes life's hard for us, so we will rebel and cut off your head.

    Eventually debtor laws were passed
    Expressing our newfound democratic freedom
    We rebelled and fought
    But we've come to peace
    Now America is back in its glory days.

  3. our lyrics are at the bottom of our animoto video


  5. Craig/Blake/Mitch/BenOctober 07, 2012 6:44 PM

    Declaration of Independence

    I remember when we broke up the first time,
    because you have really been a jerk cause like,
    you raised all our taxes by a ton,
    when you said you needed cash, what?
    Then we dumped your tea into the bay,Georgy
    We hate you housing soldiers in our homes, trust me
    Remember how you rubbed it in our face?
    We say we want out, you really, really suck.

    Oooooh so here is our declaration and,
    Oooooh this time we're telling you, we're telling you

    We are never, ever, ever getting back together
    We are never, ever, ever getting back together
    You go talk to your friends talk
    to Ireland, talk to Rome
    but e are never, ever, ever getting back together